Analysis of Image Steganography Tools and Algorithms

Here you can find a list of image steganography tools and their kwnown attacks. I maintain this list to be updated about the status of the tools available and the level of security they provide. If you know another tool that should be in the list or a missing attack, please contact with me.

[ Updated on 2017-08-24 ]

State of the art Methods:

Detectable or broken steganography:

  • F5
    [code] [paper] [Attacks #1 #2]

    [site] [Attacks #1]

    [site] [Attacks #1]

  • OpenPuff
    notes: It uses a secret hiding algorithm.
    [site] [Attacks #1]

  • OpenStego
    notes: It saves non hidden data that allows an easy detection.
    [site] [Attacks #1]

  • Perturbed Quantization
    [site] [paper] [Attacks #1]

  • Silenteye
    notes: The program uses a two-bit LSB replacement.
    [site] [Attacks #1 #2]

  • Steghide
    [site] [Attacks #1]

  • StegoBlue
    notes: The program uses +1 embedding.
    [site] [Attacks #1 #2]